Perfect Massage Oils For The Ultimate Rub Down

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Massage is a skill that’s learned through years of studying and constant practice. You can’t be great at giving massage when you don’t put enough effort and time into it. Nevertheless all the practice in the world will not make it a perfect massage if you utilize only your cold dry hands.

A massage is a sensuous experience and as such must have smooth strokes that create an experience like no other. Since a massage is a sensuous experience it must also appeal to all of your senses and not just touch. A perfect massage appeals to touch above all,  but it must appeal to the sense of smell, too. Removing the sense of sight, by giving a massage in the dark, and playing relaxing music only heightens the whole experience. Then the final key in an ideal rubdown starts with the perfect mix of massage oils.

To create your own massage oil you will need to blend carrier or base oils to essential oils. Concentrated oils are aromatic and as such may be too strong if applied directly to your skin. It can cause allergic responses and break outs. This is why you should be mix these oils with much milder and lighter carrier oils.

Carrier oils are usually milder vegetable based oils that are scentless and flavorless. They are usually available from any store that sells aromatherapy oils and supplies. Buying these oils in bulk can lower your costs if you are a massage pro or you simply generally enjoy receiving and giving massages.

Some of the more popular are Avocado oils and Apricot Oils. Avocado oils are good sources of vitamins A, B, D, E, Lecithin, Pantothenic Acid, and, naturally trans-acids which these carrier-oils are built on. Apricot oils are good for Vitamin A. It also has a light texture that’s both simply soaked up by the skin and nutritive at the same time. Most of the other possible carrier oils are extracted from seeds and nuts which include grape seed, borage seed, cranberry seed, almond oil ad macadamia nut simply to name a few.

These carrier oils are mild enough to be applied to your body directly and they will not fight with the natural scents and flavors of the essential oils. Carrier oils are inexpensive and even though the essential oils are much pricier you will only need a few drops.  This will make your homemade massage oils inexpensive, safe, and very nice to use.

Remember that essential oils are potent and should not be used without being greatly diluted with a carrier oil. Tea tree and rose oils are essential oils that you can use. Tea tree basic oils are both calming and nutritive. Tea tree has long been utilized for medicinal purposes and as such is great for clearing up those aches and pains. Rose oils are also a good way to build romance with your massage. If you plan to give a loved one a massage then rose oils are a good choice for creating intimacy.

Making your own massage oils will afford you the power to personalize the massage. After all , a massage is one of the most personal experiences you can share with another person, don’t you think it deserves to be done right?

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“Article by: John F. Black”


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